Buying 1st Birthday Party Supplies and Party Bags

1st birthday party supplies

What kind of 1st birthday party supplies are you looking for? Did you know that what your guests bring to the birthday party may depend on what kind of 1st birthday party supplies you purchase? You can actually encourage your guests to stick with a particular theme depending on what kind of supplies you use.

Are you collecting mementos? If you want to have a birthday party that has the aim of collecting memento for the occasion, you might want to go with a more traditional than fun setting. Traditional settings encourage people to think of…well, tradition! Guests will be more likely to bring 1st birthday party supplies and gifts that are meant to be put away for years to come if you convey that with an elegant invitation.

Is this just for fun? Colorful and fun invitations will convey to your guest that this party is all about the fun factor. They’ll be more likely to bring gifts such as toys and colorful clothes if your invitations are fun and expressive. Bold colors on the invitations, balloons, streamers, gift bags and other 1st birthday party supplies will keep the atmosphere fun and light. Using bold colors instead of specific themes also mean that you may be able to reuse the supplies later, while a theme leaves you able to save decorations that are specific to that birthday.

What kind of decorations should you use on the cake? How you decorate the cake is going to depend on the theme of the party, but you really should have 2 cakes so that the child can have some fun with their own individual cake. Just be sure to avoid decorations with pointy bottoms and instead use edible birthday cake decorations or ones that sit flat on top of the cake.

No matter what kind of a 1st birthday party you have, there should be 1st birthday party supplies that are there just to set the perfect background for all those lovely birthday party pictures and videos. When decorating, try to stick with one or two colors so that the baby is not over-stimulated and unable to fully enjoy the party.

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