1st Birthdays

Birthdays are always milestones in a child’s life, but there is something about the first birthday that makes it extra special. While the infant is usually too young at twelve months to form any close relationships with playmates, the birthday celebration party often has youngsters attending. Make them feel special by gearing party treats, favors and game prized toward them.

Decorate the venue for the celebration of the 1st Birthday party with a cheerful theme. Choose from banners, balloons and table ware to make your guests feel festive as they help celebrate the first year of your child’s life.

Decorations for the birthday cake must include at least a single candle to fulfill long standing traditions. The type of candle, however, can be of your choosing. And remember, there really isn’t a law saying that you have to limit the number of candles to the number of years. Especially for a first birthday celebration. Choose from pick candles that spell out words to prevent a lonely single candle from being lost on a cake large enough to feed a huge number of guests.

Party balloons will attract the attention of the guest of honor as they bob to and fro on ribbons, either tied down or carried through the house by other young guests. Banners announcing the celebration will add to the theme of the party. Specialty party ware will make setting up for the party a breeze.

Party toys given out to the other youngsters who have come to celebrate your baby’s first birthday will make them feel special. Fill a party bag with treats for the guests to take home after the festivities are over.

Parents of a child approaching the first birthday have their hands full seeing to the baby’s needs and enjoying the pleasures that the recent addition to the family brings. As the date of the party approaches to celebrate the first year, let the experts at the Party Gifts Store take some of the pressure of planning the get together off of you. Our Party Gifts Consultants can inspire you with ideas to make the big day special without a lot of stress on mum and dad.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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