Host a Fun Baby Shower

Baby showers are something that nearly every woman has been to. There are the typical decorations in pink or blue, traditional party games and lots of laughter and well wishes. But you can shake things up and host a baby shower that is fun and memorable by just using your imagination and remembering that expectant Mums are still people who like to have a good time. It’s also good to realize that it may be a while before the mum-to-be will have the chance to have purely adult time again.

Of course you want to make sure there is plenty to eat at a baby shower. Women love to nibble on finger foods while they chat. You can even have a baby shower luncheon with lots of yummy goodies and sweet treats for dessert.

Why go with the traditional pink and blue? If you know what sex baby the guest of honor is having you can go all out with not just décor but useful décor. If she’s having a boy, consider using boy toys as decorations. This way not only is the party atmosphere fun but you’ll be providing toys for the baby as well. The same goes for a little girl; you can choose girl-y toys and items to use as the décor.

Party Games
Just because the guest of honor is carrying a bit of weight it doesn’t mean she can’t get up on her feet and enjoy some fun party games like pin the diaper on the baby (picture) or dance the hokey pokey. Your guests will laugh themselves silly as they move about and enjoy a truly unique baby shower.

A baby is a thing of joy, make sure that your baby shower isn’t too serious or sentimental; you want the mum-to-be and your guests to have a great time! Be sure to take lots of pictures and when it comes to party bags, be sure to include some pampering items like lotions and massage oils so that all the ladies will remember to take a little time for them. You’ll find most of the things you need for a great baby shower at the Party Gifts Store, let us make your hostess duties easier.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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