Birthday Parties: Supplies

It takes a lot of effort to hold birthday parties. Supplies have to be bought and the area has to be decorated, all while keeping the interests and age of the person you’re celebrating in mind. You actually need to make some goals for the party and plan around those.

Is this something you do often? Are you the friend who is always making sure that someone gets to celebrate their birthday in style? If so, then you need to shop with this in mind. You can buy things that won’t be reused at other birthday parties. Supplies can add up over time though, so if you know that this isn’t going to be the last party you throw, you may want to buy supplies that can be modified and used later. For instance, use color themes instead of item or special interest themes. You can always mix and match colors with other party supplies to make them work for someone else’s birthday.

Know what you need. You’ve been to birthday parties. Supplies that are at these parties usually fall into the same categories, even if they each have a different focus. You’re going to need invitations, but you need those invitations to convey the theme of the party rather than just the time and place. You need to decorate the tables with table cloths and maybe even candle holders. Of course, gets will need plates and utensils to eat the cake with. Then there is the cake itself, along with the possibility of ice cream. Balloons, streamers, candles, noisemakers and music might all be a part of the birthday party supply list.

You don’t celebrate numbers with birthday parties. Supplies should indicate that you’re celebrating the fact that the person the party is for has made it to another year and has hopes of more to come. Make sure your party reflects the hopes of the individual. Don’t focus on the age itself. Instead, put the spotlight on the person who got to be that age and celebrate who they are whether it’s in a comical or traditional way.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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