Class Reunions

When you have the opportunity to help host a class reunion you have many different options to consider to make it an event that everyone will remember.Class reunions bring together all sorts of people to celebrate their years in school together. It’s important to remember that the main point of a class reunion is to socialize and enjoy one another. You will want to make sure that the décor and entertainment, food and drink make it easy for everyone to chat and mingle. Some may choose a sit-down dinner and a rocking band with dancing but there are other options to consider as well.

You want your class reunion invitations to be indicative of the type of event you are hosting, and invitations are the best way to make sure everyone knows the details of your reunions. Location, directions, dress, and the type of entertainment that will be featured are all part of designing good invitations. Also be sure to include RSVP cards so you’ll be able to plan for the number of people attending.

Balloons, streamers and confetti along with table cloths, centerpieces and elegant glassware will make an impression on your classmates. You can choose a theme or simply fun party décor for your reunion.

Party Bags
Include some fun party gifts for both sexes in your party bags and send everyone home with a smile and a few commemorative items.

Food and Drink
Party gifts store offers a selection of food and drink choices to make your class reunion a hit. From finger foods, appetizers and sweets to wines and sparkling ciders you can provide a wide selection of goodies for people to enjoy while they reunite.

Putting together an event for so many people from different walks of life can be a challenge. You want it to be elegant and fun but not overly expensive or exclusive; many times it takes an entire committee to put together a class reunion and each person has a specific task to cover. Let Party Gifts Store help you choose all your class reunion supplies and make your reunion one that classmates will be talking about for years to come.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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