Dress Up Party Ideas

One of the most fun party ideas is a dress up party. This is especially popular with younger girls who still find a lot of fun and excitement in dress up games. Dress up themes are not just for girls, of course because you can have parties like this for boys or for a mixed party as well. It all depends on what the theme is.

When doing a dress up party for girls, a princess party is a popular choice. Fairytale Princess Crowns will make all the girls happy and feel like a million bucks. Each girl will want to take her princess crown home with her. Headbands and face masks are other ideas to make a dress up party lots of fun.

When planning your dress up party for girls, your first step is to choose a theme. The theme of the party is what everything else will revolve around- the food, the clothes, the party favors and more. However, it’s important to keep it flexible, especially if you will have younger guests because you don’t want anyone to feel restricted or like they are not having fun.

Once you have your theme, you need to decide who you will invite. Send out your invitations and let all the guests know what the theme is. Then you also need to start planning the decorations for the event. Where is the venue and how many guests will be attending? How can you decorate to help enhance the dress up theme?

Then you want to plan your own costume or apparel, even if you will just be an adult helping with a kid’s party. It’s much more fun for the kids when the adults join in and you will be keeping in the theme of the dress up party. So get your gear in order too and have it all ready before the big day.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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