Hero Parties

Who of us hasn’t admires a hero at one time or another in our lives. Children today still worship heroes, even superheroes of comic book and movie fame. A birthday party is an excellent time to let them indulge in their fantasy of being a hero themselves. Whether your child longs to be a fireman who saves people from burning buildings or a super hero with phenomenal powers, you can put together a birthday party that creates the memories of a lifetime.

What Is a Hero?

Grammatically speaking, a hero can be a man of exceptional courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. It can also be a mythical or legendary figure endowed with superhuman abilities. In either case, your child’s birthday party can follow the hero theme of his or her choice with ease.

How to Build on the Hero Theme

If your child’s idea of a hero is more of a career field like being a fireman or policeman, you can use those as the basis for your party. Fireman’s hats, police badges and whistles are easy enough to come by. Use decorations such as tablecloths, balloons and streamers in either red or blue. Design some games that incorporate the theme such as carrying a sack of potatoes to simulate a victim, through an obstacle course. Have some guests be policemen while others are criminals and set up relay races or other contests.

For superhero themed parties, you can often purchase decorations emblazoned with the image of the hero of your choice. Paper plates, flatware, drinking cups and table cloths are found individually or in packages to make your shopping easier. If your superhero is known for his strength, plan games that ask guests to demonstrate their own strength. If the hero has mental powers, play some games that test brain power like memory games or guessing games. You might award points for success and hand out prizes for the highest scores.

As part of your party favors, consider printing out certificates for each guest. Have your child think of one quality about each of his or her friends and use that as the basis for an “Awarded to _____________, Hero Extraordinaire, renown throughout the world for his___________” certificate. Fill in the blanks with the child’s name and the appropriate quality.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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