Kids Parties

Kids’ parties are not restricted to birthday parties though those are the most common. Christmas, Halloween and other holidays are acceptable occasions during which to let your child host a party. Planning menus and activities, decorating and the actual preparation are skills a child can learn by participating in the process.

Christmas Parties

Children love Christmas and that makes having a holiday party a wonderful idea. Decorating can be done reds and greens or combined with silver and gold accents for a more formal look. You can also use Santa as theme in your decorating. Streamers, balloons and tableware can be coordinated to give the look you want.

Menu items should be kept simple and easy to clean up. Cakes, cookies and other baked goods are always appreciated. You could even ask that each child bring something to contribute making it a potluck affair.

Have each child bring a low cost gift, pre-wrapped for a grab bag or gift exchange. You might want to define the type of gift such as a toy, food item or Christmas ornament. Ask the kids to list as many things as they can that they love about the holiday in 60 seconds.

Birthday Parties

A birthday is a time to celebrate, particularly if they have reached a milestone. Many hosts choose to use a theme for a birthday party but it is not required. You can still throw a great party without buying decorations and supplies patterned after the latest craze. Just make sure that your décor items don’t clash too loudly with one another. Bright colors work well for kid’s parties.

Aside from the birthday cake and some punch to wash it down with, you are not expected to provide other food items. You can however, if you choose to. If you are providing a meal at your child’s party, hot dogs with an array of toppings works well and typically pleases the most finicky eaters.
Party favors are another area where you can get carried away if your budget will allow. Toys, puzzles, trinkets and jewelry items are customary favor gifts.

If you are having trouble deciding on decorations, supplies, costume items or anything party related, you can rely upon the services of a party planner. Though somewhat costly, it can take the worry and hassle out planning a kid’s party.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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