Office Parties

Parties given at the office are usually given for one of just a few reasons. An employee or much-loved supervisor may be retiring. Someone may be celebrating a birthday, getting married or leaving to have a baby. Occasionally companies or departments within a company will get together to have a Christmas or other holiday party. If you are in charge of planning your office party, you have a much simpler task than you might imagine.

Food Items

Since these parties are given at the office, often they are scheduled around breaks or lunch hours. Food must be easily transportable and must either be capable of staying fresh until it is time to be served. For this reason, food for office parties should be kept simple. Cake and coffee, finger foods and simple snacks work best.


If your company has a break room, lunchroom or conference room, you can decorate just as you would for a party in your home. Use appropriate tablecloths, streamers, centerpieces and balloons. Sprinkle confetti around the tabletops. Coordinate your office party with flatware, paper plates, napkins and beverage cups that match.


If your office party is for a retirement, baby or wedding shower or some other specific event, you can incorporate the theme into your decorating and menu planning. Instead of napkins, provide guests with bibs for a baby shower. Sprinkle some diaper pins on the table top instead of confetti. For a retirement party, rely on a few gag gifts and humorous centerpieces to lighten the mood.

Keepsake Book

There is usually a set amount of time for an office party, unless you have a lenient boss or hold the party after hours. Activities may be limited due to time constraints. Place a memory book near the entrance to the party area and ask guests to sign it and jot down some special wishes or fond memories of the guest of honor, This makes a terrific keepsake, especially for those who may not be returning like retirees or expectant moms who may not be returning to work. For someone getting married, Jot down words of marital wisdom.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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