Over the Hill Party Theme

Traditionally age 50 is when people are given an over the hill party. Supposedly, after age 50 things are just going to go downhill. This can make for some really hilarious gag gifts and party items. When you have the opportunity to host a 50th birthday party for someone who has a great sense of humor and can take the ribbing, you should go all out and make it an event to remember.

Create a collage of old photos of the guest of honor through the years, and be sure to note the year it was taken on each one. Leave an open space in the center with OVER THE HILL written in it. Place the collage in a place where everyone coming and going to the party will see it.
Make sure to get lots of black balloons with the white OVER THE HILL printing and tombstones with RIP on them.
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Many times birthday parties are filled with colorful décor, but for an over the hill party your goal is to convince the guest of honor that this birthday is truly the end of the road. Black and white are most often the colors for an over the hill party. Napkins, plastic ware, plates, cups and streamers can be purchased to make sure that your “old” birthday girl or boy realizes that they are now, officially over the hill.

Some fun games for an over the hill party are variations on traditional party games. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey you may want to play pin the diaper on grandpa! Let your imagination run wild and be sure to involve the party guests in the planning and execution of over the hill gags and stunts.
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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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