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Something that has become rather common at parties is the presence of party bags. Supplies for party bags are relatively easy to come up with as long as you know some basic information about the guests at the party. Some factors you need to consider when purchasing the party bags’ supplies might be age, diet, interests and theme of the party.

Children and adults might not have the same kind of party bags. If you’re having a party that will mix age groups, you may want to buy separate supplies for the adults and children. Unless you’re just putting candy in the party bags, these age groups are going to have different interests. Even with candy, you might want to check with the parents of the child to see what they allow their children to eat or if there are any health issues that should be considered, such as allergies.

Interactive is an option. Party bags should have some treats for guests, but they might also have some things for the party itself. For instance, if you’re having a child’s birthday party, you might put silly string in the party bags so that the children can all play with it later. If it’s a wedding, you might put small packages of confetti or rice in the bags. Other options might include bubble toys and noise makers.

Keep it safe. Remember when you’re making party bags that the supplies should be safe. Keep away from things that might be dangerous to children, like pointy objects or ones that might be flammable, even if the bag is for an adult. Some adults may not look in their bags and instead give them to children without knowing that there is something in the bag that the child shouldn’t have. You should also avoid common allergens such as peanuts and other items that it’s common to have allergies to.

Brighten things up. No matter what the actual items are, you want them to be colorful. Colors inspire good feelings in people and you want your party bags to help your guests get into the spirit of the party!

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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