Planning Birthday Parties For Boys

Throwing birthday parties for boys can be a lot of fun creatively. You can choose from a wide range of party themes. The boys will enjoy the opportunity to indulge in their favorite fantasy if you plan it correctly. Pirate expeditions, military maneuvers, even football practice can be opportunities for fun and excitement.

When you are planning birthday parties for boys, be prepared for a little action. Boys are a little more “rough and tumble” than girls and will want to burn off some of the birthday party excitement with activities that let them expend some energy. Some birthday party supply outlets offer packages that come complete with activities like pirate treasure hunts and suggestions for other related activities. If you plan a military themed party, set up an obstacle course and time the party guests as they make their way through the course. A rousing game of capture the flag is great way to let the boys run off their energy, especially after the cake or other sweets have been served.

Pirate hats, eye patches and plastic hooks can transform darling little boys into fearsome pirates. Combat helmets, a little black make up and some plastic toy guns and change little Johnny into a trained soldier. Ask your guest to attend the party dressed in their favorite team’s jersey and schedule some games that have to do with the sport you’ve chosen.

If you are expecting guests to come dressed a certain way for the party, be sure to explain that in the invitation so no one feels left out when they arrive. You can eliminate this possibility by providing some of the smaller items for the boys to wear. Straw cowboy hats, eye patches or toy bow and arrow sets can be passed out as guest arrive. This way they all start on common ground and there are no hurt feelings.

Food and decorations and add the right touches to the party. Party favors and treat bags can carry the theme of a boy’s party to the end. Sending your guests home with some pirate’s treasure or military trinkets for their foot lockers can cap off the party and make one they’ll remember and talk about for years.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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