Planning For Childrens Dress-up Parties

What child doesn’t like to play make believe? A birthday party with a theme that lets children dress-up and role play a bit can be a creative outlet for their imaginations and turn a humdrum birthday party into a memorable one. All you need to plan it is an idea.

For little girls, popular party themes include princesses, fairies and famous television and movie character themes. How far you take the idea really hinges on your level of creativity, how much work you want to put into bringing it all together and naturally, your budget. Once you have considered these things and gotten the approval of the birthday girl herself from a list of party themes, you are ready to start planning.

Invitations should clearly state that the party is intended to be a dress–up party. If it is a princess party, ask the guests to come in formal dresses, wear feather boas and bring lots of play jewelry. Of course you can provide many of these items including headpieces for the guests a special princess tiara or crown for the birthday girl.

Decorations come next on your shopping list. This is where you can let your imagination really take you away. For a garden party or tea party, even one held indoors; decorate the party areas with paper butterflies dangling from strings, artificial or fresh cut flowers and if you can manage it, a table top fountain set somewhere in the area to give the sound of a babbling brook.

Select some games and activities that accent your theme. For a Hawaiian luau, have guest wear grass skirts and Hawaiian leis while participating in a limbo contest. See who can keep a hula hoop spinning around their waist the longest. If you are having a cowboy themed party, try a game of horse shoes like the real cowboys played in the old west. Provide cowboy hats or sheriff’s stars for the guests and form a posse to participate in a scavenger hunt for cowboy related items.

Match your table cloths, plates and utensils to the theme; add a cake with a coordinated decoration and a compatible beverage and you are all set to throw the best children’s dress up party ever.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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