Party Planning Tips

It’s sometimes overwhelming to plan a party. Besides the guest list you have so many other things to consider. Invitations, themes,decorations, food and drink, dishes and even entertainment are just a few of the decisions you’ll have to make.

It isn’t easy to put everything together and feel confident that your party will be a success without a little bit of help. Party Gifts Store is the help you need. Before you begin purchasing items and throwing things together take the time to actually PLAN your party.

Select a date and time. This is very important to come to a decision on, because once people find out about the party they will mark their schedules, if you change the date or time you may lose guests.

Decide on a theme. Whether you are hosting a baby shower or a children’s party there should be a general theme in mind. This will help you choose decorations, party bags, games, etc. The theme may require costumes or a specific location so deciding what your theme is will help you pull the party together seamlessly.

Spend some time working up a menu. Unless it’s a potluck sort of party you’ll need to consider whether to have a meal or simply serve finger foods; alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and of course once you’ve made a decision about the menu then you can begin looking at dishes and glassware that will work with what you are serving.

Send invitations out at least 6-weeks in advance when possible. The longer people have to arrange their schedules the more likely they are to be able to attend. Last minute invitations can be a hassle for party guests and will also not give you the time as the host to properly prepare for the event.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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