Choosing First Birthday Party Supplies

First Birthday Party Supplies

First birthday party supplies are some of the most fun ones to buy. The birthday boy or girl isn’t nearly as excited as his or her parents are. In fact, this may be the one birthday that parents get to celebrate the way they want to, using their own interests instead of the child’s. Parents will want lots of pictures and mementos to mark this occasion.

Let them eat cake! Many first birthday party supply lists include two cakes instead of one. It’s not unusual for the baby to get a cake to themselves, even if it is just a small one. Since they aren’t going to be sing utensils, half the fun of the party is watching the baby make a mess with his or her own cake. While family members might now mind a bit of a messy cake, not everyone is going to want to eat something the baby has stuck his or her hands in. Make things simple by buying a small cake for the baby and one just for guests.

Go all out with the decorations. In the future the birthday parties that you host for your child will be based on what they want. This is the one birthday when you get to decorate everything the way you want it. You probably want to avoid noisemaker so you don’t frighten the baby, but go all out on streamers, plates, tablecloths and balloons. You might even want to get a birthday card to put away for safekeeping as you express in it the hopes and dreams you have for your child.

Don’t forget the keepsakes. Your baby is probably going to get plenty of toys and enough supplies to make it seem like you’re actually having a baby shower, but since the birthday boy or girl is too young to know what they got, this is a great time for parents to buy keepsakes like ornaments or engraved rings or other personalized items. Remember that first birthday party supplies offer parents the chance to start a yearly tradition that can last the life of the child. This can be in the form of decorations or gifts, but if you want it to be something that literally lasts the life of the child, now is the time to get it started.

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