Selecting Refreshing Birthday Party Foods for Kids

Birthday Party Foods for Kids

After the games and the presents, it is time to sit the kids down for some refreshments and birthday party foods. Party food for kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about those fast food lunches from the big name burger restaurants. They sell millions every year and make millions doing it. You can create your own Happy Meals at home and be the hit of the party.

When the kids arrive at the party, have them decorate plain white or brown paper lunch bags. Keep the craft supplies to a minimum and age appropriate. Crayons and markers will do fine. Make sure each child puts his or her name on the bag.

While they are playing other party games, assemble the lunches. It helps if you have all the fixings prepared ahead of time. Chicken nuggets or fish sticks, precooked and bagged can be slipped into the sack along with a juice box, piece of fruit, a cookie and perhaps a small toy. You can include napkins and straws that match your party theme. Close the bags and set aside in a tote or basket until it is time to serve.

Alternately, you can serve hamburgers, hotdogs or other children’s favorite. All you need to do is keep it simple and wrap each one individually so it can be place inside the sack. Other possible accompaniments could be bags of chips, individually packaged puddings or fruit cups and cheese bits.

When the party needs to settle down a bit or when the kids are ready for refreshments, spread a blanket on the floor or the lawn. Bring out the basket loaded with their hand-decorated bags. Pass them out and watch their delight as they open their own Happy Meals.
Naturally, this doesn’t take the place of your birthday cake or cupcake arrangement. Cakes and other sweets are still traditional fare for kid’s party food. This should be served toward the very end of the party along with milk or punch.

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