Great Kids Party Foods They Will Enjoy

Kids Party Foods

Food for kids’ parties has traditionally been as simple as cake and ice cream. Over the last couple of decades, the trend has shifted and more hosts are serving other party foods in addition to the much anticipated cake. Selecting a menu for a kid’s party might seem easy but your party can go terribly wrong if you don’t take a few things into account when you plan your kid’s party foods.

If you are offering a meal, keep it simple. Sticking with children’s favorite foods like macaroni and cheese, franks and pizza is a safe bet. If you want to glam it up a bit, do something like a top-your-own pizza party. Have several crusts already made and covered in sauce. Let the kids put on their own toppings and just bake.

Finger foods are another route you can go. Wieners wrapped in dough an baked or wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with a pinch of brown sugar and then baked are a big party hit. Cupcakes instead of a cake are a good choice. You can offer several flavors to appease those with different tastes. These can also be served with just frosting and decorated by the guests. In this way they get their own toppings and you provide both food and entertainment.

Traditional snacks like chips and crisps are always a hit. Anything crunchy seems to do well. Remember to offer a balance of sweet foods and salty kids party foods and have plenty of beverages on hand. Speaking of beverages, punch is still a big hit. Chilled with ice cream or sherbet, punch is a sweet treat all in itself.

The finishing touch is of course the tableware. Setting a table that is appealing to kids is part of the planning you’ll want to pay attention to. Tablecloths, napkins and utensils can be done in solid colors. Dinner plates and dessert plates should either be in some themed design or in a brightly contrasting color from the table linens. Capped off by a few decorations, your table will invite your guests to sit down and feast.

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