Party Bag Fillers

Party Bag Fillers

If you really want to make your guests feel special with just a little bit of extra effort, present them with a party gift bag to take home. The bags are a sure way to let them know that you are happy that they attended your event to help make your celebration a success. Decorated party bags are available to fit almost any theme the imaginative party planner can come up with and can be filled with sweets and tokens to be enjoyed by all.

Adults enjoy receiving party bags as much as the children do. The Party Gifts Store has a wide selection of filled party bags available for purchase, but if you plan on inviting guests whose ages and interests may cover a wide spectrum, you may just want to choose your own items from the party bag fillers that are available.

Everyone enjoys receiving sweets in a party bag. Even if you plan on serving cake and will have a large selection of confectionery items available to your guest during the celebration, they may still enjoy a piece of candy as they return home from your party, or even in the coming days. Individually wrapped cupcakes or other delicious morsels are a good choice to be used as party bag fillers for almost any type of guest.

Party toys can delight guests of any age. The selections of party novelty toys to be used as party bag fillers are so inexpensive that you can purchase a wide variety of toys and mix and match them according to age group and gender. Champagne bottles and leis can be added to an adult bag and tiny toys, masks, coloring books will make any boy or girl happy.

Add necklaces to the bags for the girls and fill the boy bags with novelties with pirate and astronaut themes.

Top your party bag off with confetti to make your party bag as festive as your event. Party Gifts Store has a variety of types of confetti to fit the theme of the party. You can even choose confetti that is biodegradable.

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