Generating Party Ideas

Party Ideas

Most parties are thrown to celebrate a traditional event such as a birthday or anniversary. Some are given to celebrate a particular holiday like Christmas or Easter. You can give a party anytime and you don’t really need a special occasion to celebrate at all. Perhaps it is simply time to have a little fun. All you need is to generate some party ideas.

Throw an Island Luau. Greet each guest with floral leis they can wear throughout the party. Put tiny umbrellas in all the drinks, even if it is children’s party. Serve citrus and tropical fruits and fruit flavored concoctions. Play tropical or reggae music and invite everyone to try their hand, or back, at limbo.

Celebrate the end of your favorite sporting season with a sport-themed party. Ask everyone to wear t-shirts or jerseys with their favorite player’s name or number on it. Decorate with your sport in mind. For instance, use black and white as your colors if soccer is your favorite sport. Use coasters that resemble soccer balls. Set up a net and invite guests to see who can kick the most goals.

Have a rock-n-roll party or whatever your favorite type of music is. Invite guests to dress accordingly and naturally play music that suits the theme. Have dance contests or for younger children, play musical chairs. Decorate with old records dangling from ribbons or used as plate chargers or placemats.

Need an excuse for a costume party? Have an “I want to be…when I grow up” party. Guests can come dressed in the clothing for the career field of their choosing. For children this will normally consist of firefighters, policemen, princesses and the like. The adult choices might be a bit more colorful. You could stage a fashion show or have each person talk about their career choice.
Take advantage of the warm weather by holding a beach party. Swimsuits and beach towels are the order of the day. Beach balls or volleys balls can help add some fun and activity for the land lovers’ in the group. Pack picnic foods and beverages.

In the event you are still uninspired, you can reach out to the party consultants at the Party Gifts Store. In addition to offering you guidance and ideas, they can help you coordinate your party plans with tableware, decorations and other party goods.

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