Buying or Making Party Cakes Tips

Party Cakes

What party would be complete with party cakes either one large one or a number of cup cakes? The cake is often the focal point of any party occasion. At a wedding, it sits front and center and is second in appearance only to the bride herself. At a birthday party, the serving of the cake signals that moment when the birthday person is recognized for their special day. The selection of the cake – its size, flavor and design – can be critical to the success of your party.

Sculpted cakes can be made in any number of designs. Often these are made from specially molded pans that you can make at home or buy already made from the bakery. Sheet cakes can also be cut and used to construct all sorts of fantastic designs. Cups cakes can be decorated in a variety of colors and either stacked to make a particular figure or arranged to create a mosaic.

It can be challenging to figure out how much cake you need to accommodate all your guests. Some simple guidelines can help. A ten-inch round, two-layer cake will feed approximately 30 guests, assuming you cut all the pieces evenly. They pieces will be slim but you won’t cut pieces of cake and then have people throw away half of the piece. They can always come back for seconds. On the other hand, a 16×24inch sheet cake can feed as many 96 people if you cut the pieces into 2×2inch pieces.

Regarding flavours, it is customary to make or order the cake in a flavor that is favored by the guest of honor, if there is one. However, prevailing attitudes and etiquette suggest that choosing a flavor that will be appreciated by the largest number of guests is a better way to go.

Many bakers will make a cake in two flavors, half one flavor, and half the other. This can be split between two sides of a sheet cakes or the two layers of a layer cake. This gives you a little more flexibility in choosing party cake flavors. Then the decorating and wording can be left strictly up to your preferences.

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