Go Crazy With Party Chocolates

Birthday Party Chocolates

Two of most people’s favorite things are parties and chocolates. Bringing them together is only natural. How you choose to accomplish that calls for a little creativity. From chocolate cake, to hot chocolate to chocolate candies, there is any number of options you could employ when choosing party chocolates.

For traditional parties, chocolate cake is a by far one of the most popular choices for a party of any occasion. Still you have plenty of choices. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, German chocolate, mocha, and fudge are some of the options available for your cake. You can also provide cupcakes in any of these variations instead of a traditional cake.

At winter-time parties, nothing hits the spot like a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Guests will appreciate arriving to piping hot cups of this tasty beverage. You can choose between traditional hot chocolate or flavored varieties. Ahead of time, prepare some spoons for an extra chocolate surprise. Melt some sweetened chocolate in a bowl. Dip the spoon in to coat it completely. Sprinkle with pieces of crushed mints or candy canes and allow the spoons to cool on a sheet of waxed paper. Allow each guest to use one to stir if cup of hot chocolate and you’ll have a tasty hit on your hands.

Chocolate sweets are boundless in their possibilities. Homemade chocolate sweets are an unexpected treat. If you don’t have time for making your own, you can order fancy chocolates from Redbows and even have them personalized, if you like. Boxed chocolates or chocolate bars are wonderful place savers or party favors too. Try using the chocolate bars as prizes for games if you are hosting a children’s party. As part of your menu, you can place a small dish of chocolates on your serving table or buffet. You will want to have plenty on hand as they tend to disappear quickly.

If you need assistance selecting the right party chocolates, creating a personalized wrapper for them or deciding how many you need for your party, our party consultants can help. With years of party planning experience, they can answer not only you party chocolates questions but all your party planning questions.

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