Choosing Party Games

Party Games

Most parties, particularly children’s parties, can benefit from the inclusion of a few games. Even adult parties are enlivened by the addition of some party games to break the ice between those who may not know one another. Coming up with games for parties can be challenging if you are unaccustomed to having to this. A few simple tips will make the job a little easier.

Ice breakers are games that allow everyone to meet and get to know one another. One way to do this is tape a slip of paper to each guest’s back. It will have one word inspired by the theme of your party written across it.

For example, a Christmas party might have the words snowman, snowflake, ornament, Santa and so on. Guests then have to speak to one another, asking questions about the word on their own back and giving clues to the words on the backs of others.

Children love party games but there are some tips you need to follow. If your party is indoors or in your home, keep the activity level down. Also, avoid overly competitive games which might stir up negative feelings. Keep them simple and age appropriate. Memory games and games of chance are often better for children’s parties.

If your party is outdoors, scavenger hunts and piñatas are wonderful forms of entertainment. For a scavenger hunt, make a list of items that is in keeping with the theme of your party. For an archaeologist, have the children search for feathers, rocks, certain types of leaves or flowers and other similar items. You could purchase trinkets or toys to scatter about as well. If you are crafty, you can make your own piñata or you can purchase one. Fill it with trinkets, toys and sweets.

Then have the children take turns swinging at the suspended piñata with a stick while blindfolded. Make sure you play this in an open area and keep the other children away from the child with the stick.

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